This is cnergy fund

clean energy for rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa

Dedicated to creating environmental and social impact by providing clean energy for communities in Africa.


We are providing access to clean and affordable energy for communities in Africa. CnergyFund is where people jointly invest to finance renewable energy mini-grid projects for electricity in Africa.


More than 600 million people—65% of the subSaharan African population—lack electricity access. Decentralized mini-grids combining solar and battery storage technology are now the least-cost option to connect at least 100 million Africans today, and many more within the next decade


We are providing access to clean & affordable energy for communities in Africa. CnergyFund aims to bring together the most impactful investors to finance renewable energy mini-grid projects for electricity in Africa. We aim to provide clean & affordable energy to up to 5 million people through these projects and fulfill the pressing needs of the sub-Saharan African region by 2030.



How It Works

Are you an investor wishing to impact lives and save our planet? We attract the most promising projects from mini-grid developers. Investors who sign-up can promptly get information on the projects which are investment ready after successful evaluation.

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Hereafter, investments can be made on the projects which suit preferred investment plans, expected impact, location, or risk.



Your funds along with other co-investors’ go to the developer, they provide electricity to the rural community from clean energy sources. While you are earning on your investments,
you are also Impacting Lives & Saving the planet.

project owners

How do I get Funding?

Step 1 - Submit Funding enquiry

Provide basic information about your company, funding needs, what part of the project you need the funding for.


Step 2 - Application

With your initial enquiry, we determine if CnergyFund is a fit for your funding needs. Thence, you have the opportunity to share relevant documents to enable us to proceed to step 3.

Step 3 - Due diligence

Once we receive your formal application with the required information, we work together with our in-country partners for our due diligence process. We aim to complete this in no time.


Step 4 - Investment Drive kicks off

Successful due diligence process leads to you getting an offer that is specifically tailored to meet your funding needs. Once offer is accepted, we engage our community of investors for funding


Step 5 - Project is Mobilised

At the completion of fundraising and pooling of resources, the project is mobilised.


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